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  Oregon Fishing and Hunting Report
July 14, 2005

River Outlook

ROGUE — The upper Rogue's spring chinook catches have improved this week, while summer steelhead continue to make a strong showing above Gold Ray Dam. A few summer steelhead are getting caught in the middle Rogue, while the lower Rogue remains a mix of late-run spring chinook and the first of the early-run fall fish destined for the Gold Ray area.

That keeps the best bet for the weekend in the upper Rogue for the July pick-your-fish. Driftboaters and powerboaters can work both spring chinook and summer steelhead, focusing on chinook in the holes and side-drifting worms or roe for steelhead in the riffles. Chinook are biting Kwikfish fairly well now, but don't give up on bait in the traditional holes upstream of Shady Cove.

Through July 9, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has counted 15,022 spring chinook and 1,909 summer steelhead. The chinook count is very low, but the summer steelhead count is strong.

Steelhead fishing in July and August is best with worms, roe and plugs, fishing in the faster water and tailouts. The early-run summer steelhead are big fish, averaging about 4 pounds this year with some others approaching 10 pounds. Only fin-clipped hatchery fish can be kept as part of the two salmon/steelhead daily limit.

The riverwide limit for spring chinook now is up to two adults a day, but only one of those adults can be a non-fin-clipped wild fish while angling upstream of Whiskey Creek near Rainie Falls. Only three wild spring chinook are allowed per angler per season.

Downstream of Whiskey Creek, the limitations on wild chinook have ended for the year, but anglers can still keep only two chinook a day. That shifts to Gold Ray Dam on Friday.

For daily flow reports out of Lost Creek Lake, call 800-472-2434.

The upper Rogue reaches upstream of Lost Creek Lake are now open to angling, with catches good amid normal stream flows.

APPLEGATE — The river is open to angling. The river is home to out-migrating smolts and some resident cutthroat. Fishing pressure has been light.

CHETCO — The river is open to fishing, but the absence of adult fish should make for light effort. Bait fish are starting to move into the bay, and some chinook salmon could start getting caught in the bay soon. There has been no real effort yet in the bay.

UMPQUA — Sturgeon fishing has eased as the water has dropped and cleared, while shad fishing has picked up in the main-stem river. Shad fishing is good in the Yellow Creek and Sawyers Rapids areas.

Some steelhead fishing has been good in the North Umpqua, while bass fishing has been excellent in the South Umpqua.

COOS/COQUILLE — Sturgeon fishing is fair to good in the lower Coos Bay near the Highway 101 bridge. Shad fishing is slow, but catches should improve when the river drops and warms.

Lake Outlook

HOWARD PRAIRIE — With this stabilizing weather, the trout bite remains good and fairly constant at the lake.

Trolling is best with Fire Tiger and Red Midge Wobbler lures or worms behind flashers. With the warmer weather, the trout have dropped to 25-35 feet deep, and troll slowly. Still fishing is best with rainbow-colored PowerBait or small balls of Velveeta cheese. Red Rock Cove and areas around Buck Island are best for still-fishing.

The daily limit remains five trout per day, with an 8-inch minimum length. Only one of those trout per day can be more than 20 inches.

HYATT — Trout fishing has been best throughout the morning and at dusk. The larger trout continue to cruise the shallows in the morning and evening, allowing for good bait-fishing near snags and weed lines. Trollers can do well, provided they troll large Needlefish or Tasmanian Devil lures slowly in search of the bigger, predatory trout.

The daily limit remains five trout per day, with an 8-inch minimum length. Only one of those trout per day can be more than 20 inches.

DIAMOND — The lake continues to be fair for stocked rainbow trout, with the last batch of mid-summer fish placed in the lake two weeks ago. Trolling for trout should remain decent through the weekend, but catches will drop off once the latest batch of trout are caught.

The daily limit remains five trout per day, with an 8-inch minimum length. Only one of those trout per day can be more than 20 inches.

LOST CREEK —The lake is now down about 18 feet from full and the surface temperature has warmed to 72 degrees, making good conditions for smallmouth bass fishing.

Trollers are doing well for trout near the dam and the marina, while wind-drifting for trout is good near the lake water sources upstream of Peyton Bridge.

The lake is open year-round for trout and bass fishing, with trout anglers out-numbering bass anglers throughout the cold-weather months.

EMIGRANT — Fishing for smallmouth bass remains good early in the morning and late evenings around rock out-cropping and brush. The yellow perch remain dominant in the willow along the lake's upper reaches. Trolling for trout is fair, while bank-fishing for trout has been good near the dam's face.

Crappie fishing remains poor. No excess adult winter steelhead will be stocked into the lake this year.

ALL-SPORTS POND — The pond at Grants Pass was stocked for the recent Youth Angling Enhancement Program event. The event is over, so adults can target these fish guilt-free as well as kids. Worms and PowerBait have worked best.

APPLEGATE — The lake has dipped slightly to 51/2 feet from full Wednesday, but conditions are still fair for fishing off the bank for trout at Seattle Bar.

Smallmouth bass fishing also is good near the dam. A mix of trout and stocked spring chinook salmon are available year-round, and the Hart-Tish Park boat ramp is operational.

No excess hatchery winter steelhead will be recycled into the lake this season.

Anglers can keep up to five rainbow trout, stocked salmon or recycled winter steelhead a day, but only one fish can be more than 20 inches long. Also, no bass between 12 and 15 inches can be kept, and only one bass larger than 15 inches can be kept.

WILLOW — The lake is fishing well for stocked rainbow trout, bass and bluegill.

EXPO POND — The pond has been stocked with rainbow trout.

FISH — The lake is fishing fair to good for rainbow trout.

Ocean Outlook

Bottomfishing was excellent recently when conditions allowed for venturing offshore, but high winds hampered the effort during the middle of this week.

Some large perch were caught earlier this week along the beaches around Gold Beach, with mussels and clam necks working best. Sandshrimp also work well for perch. The peak perch catches usually come in July.

The tuna remain far offshore and sport anglers have put in little effort for them out of Brookings.

The beaches coastwide are now closed to razor clam digging. To check for updates on the closure, call the Oregon Department of Agriculture's Shellfish Hotline at 800-448-2474.

Hunting Outlook

ROGUE — General-season bear hunting begins Aug. 1 locally, and good bear populations are present.

Cougar hunters can expect an average year. Cougars are abundant throughout with indicators pointing to stable or increasing numbers and distribution. Hunting cougar is a challenge because these animals are very secretive, but harvest success is greatest adjacent to private land with high deer populations using a predator call.

Watchable Wildlife

ROGUE — A covered viewing station on the Denman Wildlife Area provides a good opportunity to view waterfowl, egrets, raptors and songbirds. The structure was built by the Oregon Hunters Association and is accessed by a paved, wheelchair-accessible pathway. It is on Whetstone Pond, just north of the ODFW office.

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