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Hackney Hopes To Ride The Wave

Greg Hackney said once you achieve a goal in fishing, it's pretty much gone and you're on to the next one.
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What's next for Greg Hackney? How about a tour-level Championship win? He's one of the heavy pre-tournament favorites at today's Forrest L. Wood Championship at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Ark.

Here's why.

In just a few short years, "The Hack Attack" has risen to the very peak of the sport. He's ranked No. 1 in the State Farm-BassFan World Rankings and he's the 2005 FLW Angler of the Year (AOY). He also won his first tour-level event this year - the Table Rock Bassmaster and finished 5th in the Bassmaster Tour points.

Staying Positive

Hackney said he definitely feels some momentum. "I have a really positive outlook right now. I just think, over the last couple of years, I'm just real comfortable with everything I'm doing. The Championship would probably suit me better if it was on a different body of water, but I'm looking forward to it. I still feel like I'm fishing at home when I go to Arkansas."

He lived in Arkansas most of his life, and only recently moved to Louisiana. And even though he's not known as a clear-water specialist, he did win at Table Rock this year, which was a clear, "deeper" bite.

"Hamilton's a deep, clear reservoir, but I don't have much summertime experience on that type of fishery," he said. But it looks similar to Logan Martin where we fished last year. But it'll fish differently. The fish stay shallower in Logan Martin. This will be a little deeper than I'm used to."

Tough Times

Hackney noted he had a tough practice - which brings him in line with the rest of the field. And it's been a tough few weeks, because he also practiced for the Bassmaster Classic at Pittsburgh, Pa. The bite there wasn't tough. It was brutal.

"It's not going to be big weights at Hamilton, but it'll be a lot better than Pittsburgh," he said. "That (place) will really test the anglers. I don't think catching keepers today at Hamilton will be much trouble. The trouble will be catching 3-pounders to stay a little ahead of everybody else. In Pittsburgh, though, I don't think too many limits will be caught."

Yet he's known for expertise in low-weight tournaments, which is what both the FLW Championship and Classic should be.
"Actually, if you compare Pittsburgh to any other practice, it was horrible. But for Pittsburgh, I don't feel too horrible. I'm actually looking forward to it. It's really tough, and normally, those are the tournaments I like the best. If you get three bites a day there, and they're the right bites, you'll be in pretty good shape.

"The only difference for me is 90% of the fish weighed in (at the Classic) will be smallmouths. That's the only thing different from a normal river system. It'll be dominated by smallmouths."

Next Goal

Two championships in the next three weeks means Hackney has two shots are reaching his next major goal: a championship victory.

"It's really been an awesome year," he said. "I don't want to sound too greedy, but it's funny in the fishing world. You reach a goal and it lasts a day or two. Then it's gone.

"I've never won an FLW event, other than at the BFL level. I don't know how this week will turn out, but it seems like I have a little momentum with me."

On whether he'd prefer to win the Classic or the FLW Championship, he said: "That's hard to say. I know if you win the Classic, it's probably worth more money,but there's a lot more work involved to get that money.

"I'd be satisfied with either, but with FLW, you get cash money in your pocket. You don't have to go do anything else. So right now, I'd probably pick the FLW Championship."


> He hasn't seen himself on the Corn Flakes box yet, which is one of the perks of winning FLW AOY. "I took the photos right after the Potomac. I don't know when it'll come out. I imagine I'll have to build an extra room to put my Corn Flakes boxes in."

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