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  Go back to the News List! Minnesota Weekly Fishing Report - 7-13-05 07/13/2005 Document  
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Weekly Fishing Report - 7-13-05

1. Lake Kabetogama
Hot: Smallmouth bass chasing crayfish lures
Not: Panfish
Summary: Warm weather has moved fish into deeper water. Walleyes have moved to the deeper reefs in 26 to 30 feet of water during the day. In the mornings and evenings, the fish wonít be as deep. Phil Hart at Gateway General said anglers caught walleyes using slip-sinker rigs with leeches or night crawlers on red, pink or chartreuse hooks. Anglers using minnows in 28 to 35 feet were catching sauger. Smallmouth bass were caught on crayfish lures along rocky shoreline and near rock walls. Bass also were biting on surface lures in the weedy bays. Northerns have become more active in the deep pockets in the weeds and along the deep structure outside the weedy bays.

2. Leech Lake
Hot: Muskies going after shiny lures
Not: Northern pike
Summary: Walleye fishing is still good, but has slowed recently as the fish have moved to deeper water, said Jeff Kemp at Reedís Sports. The fish were in 15 to 20 feet during the evening and biting on Lindy Rigs with bottom bouncers and a night crawler. Anglers were catching fish during the day while trolling crankbaits over 30 to 35 feet. Kemp said anglers were still releasing more fish than they were keeping. Muskies have started to bite more often. The best lures are silver and black or gold and black bucktails in Portage Bay and over the Grandview flats. Other people were catching muskies in 15 to 20 feet along the weedlines. Kemp said the best muskie fishing is when a low-pressure system moves in just before a storm. Panfish have been biting in the small bays. Big sunfish and crappies were in 6 to 10 feet and going after wax worms, pieces of night crawler and crappie minnows. Reports on northerns were few.

3. Detroit Lakes
Hot: Walleyes in Detroit and Melissa lakes
Not: A predictable bass pattern
Summary: Detroit and Melissa lakes have been two of the better spots for walleyes. The fish were in 12 to 14 feet and biting on leeches under slip bobbers. John Store at Quality Bait said most lakes in the area have been pretty good, with fishing best in the evenings. Muskie fishing in Detroit Lake has been great, Store said. Topwater lures with orange coloring have worked best. One angler caught a 54-inch muskie recently. Northerns up to 40 inches have been caught in and released from lakes Sallie and Melissa. Medium-size sucker minnows have been the best bait. Anglers were slow-trolling them with a spinner on the outside of the weed edges in 15 to 18 feet. Largemouth bass have been caught in deep water as well as heavy weeds. Spinnerbaits have been the best lures in the weeds, while crankbaits and minnows have worked better in deeper water. Crappies were on the edge of the weedlines suspended three feet off the bottom in 20 feet and biting on small jigs, twister tails and crappie minnows. Sunfish were in the weeds and biting on anything small.

4. Brainerd
Hot: Largemouth bass in North Long Lake
Not: Crappies
Summary: Bill Erickson, owner of Koepís Sport Shop, said bass fishing has been fantastic in the Brainerd lakes area, with North Long Lake being the best. The largemouth bass were in the heavy weeds and going after weedless rigs in 3 to 5 feet. Other anglers caught them in 15 to 18 feet on the outside weedline with a weedless jig tipped with a small sucker minnow. Northern pike fishing has been average with most anglers casting weedless spoons into the weeds or trolling crankbaits over the top of the reefs in 15 feet. Erickson said yellow has been the best color for crankbaits. The best lakes were Gull, North Long and the Whitefish chain. Walleye fishing has been difficult. The best action has been on Gull Lake, but most of the fish were small, Erickson said. Anglers caught walleyes in 25 to 35 feet using Lindy Rigs with redtail chub minnows and leeches. Others trolled crankbaits along the weedlines in the evening. Bluegills were in 5 feet and very active.

5. Lake Mille Lacs
Hot: Walleyes over the rockpiles
Not: Northern pike
Summary: Walleyes on the southeastern end of the lake were in 8 to 14 feet in the evening and going after perch-colored crankbaits trolled over the shallow rocks. During the day, the walleyes were in 14 to 18 feet over the rockpiles and biting on leeches and night crawlers under bobbers. Tina Chapman at Chapmanís Lake Mille Lacs Resort said she hasnít heard many reports from the mudflats. Jumbo perch have been mixed in with the walleyes. There also have been few reports on smallmouth bass with the walleye fishing still going strong. Muskies were starting to bite along the weeds in shallow water. Chapman said the muskies were going after a variety of topwater lures and spinnerbaits. Northerns were caught along with the muskies, but not many people targeted them.

6. East Metro
Hot: St. Croix River shore fishing
Not: Artificial baits
Summary: The St. Croix River has been producing a wide variety of fish, with different species caught throughout the day. Josh Stevenson at Blue Ribbon Bait said anglers were using fathead minnows and night crawlers to catch walleye, sauger and smallmouth bass. Walleyes and catfish were biting at night, while smallmouth bass and white bass kept anglers busy during the day. Some of the better reports came from anglers fishing from shore in the bays in Stillwater and Bayport. Lakes Jane and De Montreville have been good for largemouth bass, crappies and sunfish. Medium-size sucker minnows have been good baits for largemouth bass in those lakes during the day. Northerns in Lake Gervais were biting on sucker minnows. Stevenson said anglers fishing with sucker minnows near the points, bars and humps in the St. Paul lakes have had a lot of success. Northerns, muskies and bass were all biting on sucker minnows.

7. Superior, Wis.
Hot: Smallmouth bass and muskies in the St. Louis River
Not: Salmon in Lake Superior
Summary: The shallow weeds and rocks in the St. Louis River have been good spots to catch smallmouth bass and muskies. Ted Sellers at Northwest Outlet said to use fluorescent orange, pink and gold lures in the riverís stained water. Smallmouth bass were biting on crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Sellers said to fish aggressively when using topwater lures for bass. Muskies were chasing topwater lures and bucktails. Walleyes have started to move from the river into Lake Superior. Walleyes were along the south shore of the lake, and anglers trolling throughout the water column in 30 feet caught fish. Anglers caught some salmon and lake trout at a variety of depths using spoons in Lake Superior. Sellers said the hot weather will most likely push the fish into 80 feet of water and deeper. Muskie fishing on the inland lakes has improved. Brown, rainbow and brook trout were biting in the Brule River. The best lures have been Meppsí spinners sizes 1 through 3. Anglers also caught fish using dry flies with the hex hatch in progress.

8. River Falls, Wis.
Hot: Red and orange sulfurs
Not: Water conditions in the Kinnickinnic River
Summary: Warm weather and recent heavy rains have made fishing difficult in the Kinnickinnic River, said Clay McNamara at Lundís Hardware. The runoff from the rain carried a lot of dirt into the river and clouded the water. He said it usually takes about four or five days for the river to clear up after a lot of rain. Before the rain, anglers caught fish on red and orange sulfurs and bead head nymphs. The mayfly hatch has finished, and similar flies are catching fish. Other good presentations were size 12 and 14 woolly buggers and size 18 to 22 caddis flies.

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